Join the clans

Reflecting on the current proposed takeover bid by IAG, International Airlines Group (Owners of British Airways, Iberia and Vueling), my thoughts focus on the name “Aer Lingus”.  Aer Lingus means “Air Fleet” proposed  by a Corkonian  Surveyor by the name of Richard F O’Connor, an aviation enthusiast like the rest of us.

Thinking from the hearts of many an Irish person who has had to immigrate from  Ireland, that green shamrock tail spells home and the lilt of the Irish brogue greeting us on top of the steps upon boarding warms us to our very core.

Nostalgically speaking, does this name hold more to us than the true story of an Irish man, Tony Ryan who dedicated his whole life to Aviation and founded Ryanair. Could we not merge our two Irish airlines to one strong group to cater for both business and econony passengers to and from our shores.

In the United States, American Airlines, Delta and United have merged to become one of the worlds strongest and most productive airline group, why cant we do that in Ireland?

This takeover by IAG or more precisely BA for me, is about cash and slots, neither of which BA seem to have enough of. They have exhaused the ability to raise money on shares and now need to obtain cash wealthy airines like Iberia and now our Aer Lingus.

Are we so negligent that we would sell off one of our most cherished emblems?